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A view of the exterior of the building.
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The intake office provides strong visual connection to the main entry and adjacent waiting area.
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A view across the dining area, through the large programming space, which can be separated from the dining by moveable partitions. At left, the visual connection to the adjacent private outdoor space, and, beyond the dining, the servery.
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Looking back across the dining area from the servery, towards the stairs and elevator to the sleeping areas, adjacent to the counselling and staff areas.
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In addition to the client refreshment area, a roll down shutter connects to the serving kitchen beyond. Using the natural durability of the former industrial building, the exist concrete floor slabs have been ground and polished, revealing the historical footprint of former printing presses and more recent interventions.
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From the centre of the shelter, views are provided to the street and reception, while adjacent staff spaces overview the primary circulation areas connecting the main public gathering spaces to the sleeping rooms.
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From the second floor sleeping area, the corridor provides strong visual connection to the main public areas in the shelter.
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A view in one of the five sleeping rooms shows the robust exterior brick walls and old wood beams, and the ample provision of daylight.