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Set within a former commercial building, Sagatay blends into the community while establishing its own identity.
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The main entry features new wood elements. The tree trunks were sourced locally from private property by Na-Me-Res.
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The main entry point is within a circle with a stone floor, which leads off to a number of support spaces.
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Looking towards the other side of the main entry hall, a sliding door secures or opens up support space, depending on the need.
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A view from the main entry hall towards the dining area. The transition space is lined with niches lit from above for the display of items of cultural significance.
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A view into the dining area.
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A view from the lounge into the main entry.
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A view into the lounge, with a view through the fireplace to the street beyond.
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A view within a typical bedroom, which features custom built-in millwork.