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A view of the extensive community gardens surrounding the Bathurst Finch Hub. The sloped south face of the building is seen in this approach to the main entry. The slope of the roof has been designed to accommodate future photovoltaic panel installation.
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The main building face faces Bathurst Street.
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A view of the building from the southeast corner.
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Above, the main entry.
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Adjacent to the community room, inside the main entry, a seating area, is provided.
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A community room, adjacent to the main entry, is provided with views, shaded by overhangs, looking south & west over the community garden.
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Outside the community room, a “front porch” connects to the community garden.
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Inside the front entry, the stair beckons visitors to the community health centre on the second floor (an adjacent elevator is also available).
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Looking up the stair to the community health centre, which serves as an anchor for the hub. A wall of light diffusing glass for daylighting of the building interior, softens the southwest exposure of the double height space.
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A view down the stair from the Unison Community Health Centre on the second floor. Within the double height space, warm air collects and is exhausted through automatically controlled vents that allow for natural ventilation during suitable times of the year. The building’s exterior profile is sculpted against prevailing winds to create a venturi effect to enhance air flow.
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At the head of the stair, the CHC reception area awaits.
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The CHC reception area is lit by diffuse daylight.
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One of the exam rooms.
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A view of a dental operatory.