design impacting society
The range of types of projects we have undertaken illustrate the common theme of support for members of society who are in need of assistance in their lives, whether it be due to economic or health, (both mental and physical), or other issues.

In reviewing the short list of projects we have posted, you will see a concern reflected for financial and environmental sustainability. A project which ignores the costs of operation, through escalating energy costs, or inefficient staffing, or deterioration due to a lack of durable systems or materials, will not be financially sustainable. On the other hand, a well-designed project that adheres to its capital budget can be capable of greater environmental sustainability through repayment of additional capital costs over the life of the building through realized operating savings.

You will also see, among the projects, a concern for the context in which the buildings are built. Some of that context may be the local community, or the time when the project was built, but another part of that context reflects the desires of our clients. Hilditch Architect does not seek to unify our projects under a single architectural style, but instead to best meet the goals and aspirations of our clients.
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